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PLC Advanced
(Level 2)




1 Month

المواعيد المتاحة والتسجيل

للمتابعة الرجاء الموافقة علي الشروط والاحكام

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5, على أساس 22 عدد الأصوات, مراجعات الدورة

حول الدورة

During this training course, you'll understand and apply the below topics:

  • V/I signals

  • RTD/TC signals

  • Comparators and mathematical functions

  • Statistical functions

  • Derived function blocks

  • Derived data types

  • Animation tables and operator screens

  • PID Control in PLCs

  • Overview on several PLC software

  • Overview on all programming languages (ST, IL, FBD, SFC)

  • Modbus RTU communication protocol

  • Reading and writing Modbus registers

Go beyond the basics with Controls Academy's PLC Advanced Level 2. With this course, you'll expand your knowledge on programming, troubleshooting, and application development with Programmable Logic Controllers. Through our comprehensive lectures and hands-on practice, you'll gain the experience and skills needed to take your engineering career to the next level.

Course Duration:

24 Hours

6 Online Sessions (Including 1 session at lab - Optional)


- Internet connection

- Operating system: Windows 10 or newer, with Microsoft Teams installed

- Attend PLC Basic (Level 1)


Ahmed Elbadrawi

Advanced Technical Support Expert, Automation Instructor @ Schneider Electric Middle East & Africa

Ahmed Elbadrawi

I love the training and the instructor

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Ahmed Essam Mohamed

The efficiency of this course is great since I understood nearly everything that was explained besides the instructor is great with wide knowledge and experience.

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Omar tarek Ibrahim salah

The instructor is quite friendly and helpful. The material and the software are explained very well with simple examples and vocabulary. There are quite effective real life mini exercises and a final project that enhance the understanding of content and the way of dealing with practical situations.

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Omar Ehab Mohamed

The instructor was Excellent to make us understand, and we practice very well

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed

It was very practical

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Omar Salah Sharawy Hafez

I learned new features in Ladder language and became more familiar with the used platform (Unity Pro).

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Rawan Ashraf Ibrahim Hamed

The tutor gave us as much information as possible and he was so passionate about supporting us.

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Omar Nezar

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