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PLC Basic
(Level 1)




1 Month

المواعيد المتاحة والتسجيل

للمتابعة الرجاء الموافقة علي الشروط والاحكام

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5, على أساس 40 عدد الأصوات, مراجعات الدورة

حول الدورة

During this training course, you'll understand and apply the below topics:

- Automation concept

- Sensors and actuators

- PLC hardware overview

- PLC software overview

- Project deployment

- LD programming techniques

- Contacts and coils

- Basic function blocks

- Memory variables

Take the first step in your career in automation engineering with Controls Academy's PLC Level 1 course. In this 24-hour course, you'll learn the fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers and how to apply them to real-world scenarios. We'll also provide you with the resources and support you need to get the most out of your learning experience. Sign up today and start your journey to become a PLC expert.

Course Duration:

24 Hours

6 Online Sessions (Including 1 session at lab - Optional)


- Internet connection

- Operating system: Windows 10 or newer, with Microsoft Teams installed


Ahmed Elbadrawi

Advanced Technical Support Expert, Automation Instructor @ Schneider Electric Middle East & Africa

Ahmed Elbadrawi

The content is really exciting and engaging, in addition the exercises and project are industry level and simulate real life problems and solutions

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Youssef Anton

Everything is well explained and I managed to understand everything

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Omar Hussein Ahmed

Bashmohnds Ahmed Elbadrawi is super friendly and very welcoming to repeat and explain ,which made the overall training experience fun and very interesting .

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Ann Wafik

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Farah Mahmoud

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud

الشرح كان سلس جدًا و الدكتور كان بيوصل المعلومه بكل سهوله و احسن طريقه ممكنه

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Omar salah

Everything is perfect ♥️

متوسط التقييم هو 5 من 5

Moustafa Nabil Mohammed

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