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Variable Speed Drives (Level 2) - For Professionals




1 Month


للمتابعة الرجاء الموافقة علي الشروط والاحكام

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About the Course

During this training course, you'll understand and apply the below topics:

• Drive products vs Drive Systems

• VSD Static Test

• Motor control laws (scalar control (U/F), vector control “open loop, closed loop”)

• Drive Dual Ratings

• 4Q Operation

• Braking Methods (Dynamic Braking, Braking Resistor Sizing, Regenerative Braking, DC Injection)

• Common DC Bus “Usage and Applications”.

• Harmonics and standard levels

• Harmonic mitigation methods

• EMC, wiring rules, and EMC filters

• PID Control of VFD

• Common functions: (Command and Ref, ramp types, Ref operations, 2W/3W control, +/- Speed, Current limitation, Preset Speeds, Catch on fly, External Fault, ….)

• PC Software

• Applications on the training kits.

Course Duration:

24 Hours

6 Online Sessions (Including 1 session at lab - Optional)


- Attended Variable Speed Drives (Level 1) or have demonstrated knowledge and experience about VSDs.

- Stable internet connection

- Operating system: Windows 10 or newer, with Microsoft Teams installed

Your Instructor

Mohamed Sobhy, Yehia Khalaf

Advanced Technical Support Expert @ Schneider Electric Middle East & Africa

Mohamed Sobhy, Yehia Khalaf
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