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Variable Speed Drives (Level 1)




1 Month

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During this training course, you'll understand and apply the below topics:

• Introduction to AC Motor Drives

• Better Load Matching

• Energy Saving

• Motor Classification and Types

• Motor nameplate and Drive duty motors

• Starting/Speed control methods (DOL, Star-Delta, S.S, VSD)

• Why use VFDs? Which type is best for my application?

• VSD Sizing and Selection

• VSD construction (Rectifier, DC link, PWM inverter).

• Industrial applications of VFDs

• Typical power and control wiring

• Keypad menu navigation.

• PC Software (SoMove and Webserver overview).

• Applications on the training kits.

Learn the basics of variable speed drives with Controls Academy. Our experienced tutors will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the principles and applications of variable speed drives, covering topics such as motor speed control, torque control, and energy saving techniques. Join us for an engaging and informative session and get up to speed with variable speed drives.

Course Duration:

24 Hours

6 Online Sessions (Including 1 session at lab - Optional)


- Stable internet connection

- Operating system: Windows 10 or newer, with Microsoft Teams installed


Mohamed Sobhy, Yehia Khalaf

Advanced Technical Support Expert @ Schneider Electric Middle East & Africa

Mohamed Sobhy, Yehia Khalaf
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